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Luxalon Linear Ceiling Systems highlight versatility, allowing a variety of innovative interior and exterior visual effects. Whether it is the staggering clean flat look of the closed ceilings or the floating ceiling effect of our screens ceilings, they will give a rhythm to any project and make sure the designers signature is visible.

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    • Available in various sizes & colors
    • Quick & Easy installation
    • Reusable


Stylish and contemporary, a Luxalon® Cell Ceiling creates an open, light and spacious appearance. Few grid ceiling models are available in a range of modular cell sizes and colours for exciting ceiling design options.By creating a visual screen, the ceiling grids assist in controlling the proportions and scale of an interior area without placing restrictions on the actual ceiling height and space.

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    • Available in various combinations
    • Actual ceiling height visible
    • Creates design with actual roof

 Wide Panels

Hunter Douglas Wide Panel Ceilings enables the architect to design a closed ceiling with high performance aluminium or steel materials. In order to give maximum freedom in design there is a wide choice in panels with soft edges for a monolithic ceiling appearance or panels with square edges which results in a smooth ceiling with a narrow butt joint.

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    • Available in perforated pattern
    • Fast installation
    • Gives wide appearance

 XL Panels

The monolithic look of the XL Acoustic Ceiling System fit perfectly in large open spaces with a high density of noise like in airports, shopping malls or conference halls. With excellent sound control properties, XL Acoustic Ceiling Panels turn loud environments into spaces with a comfortable interior ambiance With the introduction of the XL Acoustic Ceiling System.

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    • Acoustic ceiling system
    • Innovative solution for high traffic area
    • Outstanding results


Tile ceiling systems provide a clean, subtle look that communicates a sense of permanence and durability. Our exclusive manufacturing process creates metal tiles that are flatter and more durable than traditional ceiling tiles.Three ceiling suspension types offer the options of Metal Clip-in, Metal Hook-on and Metal Lay-in designs, each with their own individual aesthetic characteristics.

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    • Available in perforated pattern
    • Available in GI and Aluminum material
    • Suitable for working space


The planks are available in widths from 212 up to 800mm and in lengths from 600mm up to 4000mm.Produced on advanced equipment which includes several levelling stages in the process, the high quality precision engineered planks are flat and dimensionally stable. The plank ceilings are available for interior applications. For exterior applications, please consult Hunter Douglas.

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    • Wide lengthier planks
    • For interior application
    • Gives wide appearance


For metal ceilings, soffits, and painted facades, Luxalon 150F is an excellent choice. Specifically designed to withstand temperature, humidity, and other elements of the outdoor environment, the system also offers excellent resistance to wind pressure. This economical system requires no fasteners and provides a flush look with an even, solid surface. Appropriate for vertical and horizontal installations, our exterior ceilings also feature an exterior-quality finish that resists scuffing and fading.

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    • Used for horizontal & vertical application
    • For exterior application
    • Suitable for all weather conditions


Luxalon® curved products bring artistic freedom to the forefront. Panels up to 2 x 8 allow you to define spaces both large and small. A growing design trend, these panels feature excellent acoustical properties and a variety of arch-lengths and radii that are perfect for creating arches and multilevel designs.

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    • Used for curved pattern
    • For multilevel design application
    • Can be customized


Because architects, designers, and commercial specifiers want clean, unfettered expanses of ceiling that measure up to their demanding performance requirements, Hunter Douglas is proud to announce the introductions of Techstyle® Acoustical Ceilings.This new product provides ground-breaking technology that makes Techstyle panels the ceiling of choice among the discerning.

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    • Innovative solution
    • Acoustic application requirements
    • Elegant appearance