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 3M Fire Barrier Composite Sheet

CP-195+ is an intumescent, lightweight sheet that seals penetrations from flames, smoke and toxic gases in fire-rated constructions.ApplicationThis Composite sheet has multiple applications - blank openings, cable, pipe ducts, bus ducts and cable trays.

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    • Intumescent - Expands with heat to form a hard char that tightly seals penetrations.
    • Lightweight and easy to handle.

 3M Fire Barrier Mortar

3M Fire Barrier Mortar is a lightweight fire stop product with excellent adhesion properties- bonds to concrete, metals, wood, plastic and cable jacketing.

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    • Variable mix ratio - permits self-leveling andno-sag application consistencies.
    • Re-enterable - no power tools needed.

 3M Fire Barrier Quick Pass

3M Fire Barrier Quick Pass is a cable transit system that prevents spread of fire and smoke to electrical, data and communication cables or pipes.

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    • Hinged for existing cables.
    • Stackable for multiple penetrations.

 FireDam™ Spray 200

3M™ FireDam Spray 200 is a sprayable water-based material, which dries to form a tough, elastomeric coating. This material when used as part of an assembly will firestop building joints, perimeter joints (curtain wall), and through penetration seals.A firestop spray used to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture for up to four hours.

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    • Fast drying.
    • Dries to a neutral gray color.

 3M™ Ultra Plastic Pipe Device

3M™ Ultra Plastic Pipe Devices used to firestop plastic pipe through penetrations.

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    • Takes only about one minute to install.
    • Unique anchor straps replace the need for power tools, mounting screws, washers.

 3M™ Fire barrier Pillows

The 3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows are a self-contained highly intumescent product designed to firestop a wide variety of through-penetrations including cable trays (up to two per opening), conduit and blank openings, which penetrate fire-rated construction.

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    • No wire mesh!.
    • Three hour UL Listed systems.

 FireDam™ 240 Board

High density mineral wool of 180kg/m3 density coated with FireDam 2000 for 2mm thick on outer side of mineral wool. Used for closing vertical penetration openings on Dry/Wet walls

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    • 240 minutes fire rating
    • Economical system
    • Ready to fix bats
    • Easy fixing

 3M Fire Barrier Moldable Putty

Innovative fire safeguard product from 3M that prevents the spread of fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture for approx. four hours.3M Fire Barrier Moldable Putty+ is a 100%, solid intumescent fire stop product that restores the integrity of fire-rated building constructions.

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    • Flexible – easily mould into any shape.
    • Adheres to all common building surfaces.

 Water Based Caulks And Sealants

Water based Caulks and Sealants prevent the spread of fire, smoke, toxic fumes & moisture for joint & penetration applications with a fire stop rating of approx. 4 hours.Ideal for new constructions or retrofits.

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    • Metal, Plastic, Insulated and glass pipe.
    • Construction gaps, Dynamic joints, HVAC duct work and insulated cable penetrations.

 3M Fire Barrier Water Tight Silicone Sealants

Fire and Smoke prevention sealants from 3M, the Fire Barrier Water Tight Sealant are a cost-effective, proactive method of preventing intrusion of water or moisture.

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    • Meets the UL Water Leakage Test - Class 1 Requirements.
    • Excellent weather resistance.

 3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap Products

3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap products are foil-encapsulated, non-combustible, pliable fireproofing wraps used in grease ducts, air ducts and plenum air spaces. 3M Fire Barrier products comprise of Duct Wraps and Plenum Wraps.The Duct Wraps are completely foil-encapsulated products used in commercial kitchen exhausts,fire rated air ventilation exhausts, chemical exhausts and stair pressurization ducts.

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 FireDam™ 2000 Coating

FireDam™ 2000 Coating is a white, ready mixed, water based thixotropic coating. It is designed to provide fire protection to a variety of substrates. Large electrical and mechanical through penetrations can be sealed to provide up to 4 hours fire rating using 3M FireDam™ 2000 Coating applied to mineral fiber boards. The spread of flames along electrical cables can also be suppressed.

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    • Up to 4hours fire rating for penetration seals.
    • Fire resistance for cables and cable trays.

 3M™ Fire barrier FS- 195+ Wrap/Strip

Used to firestop metallic and non metallic pipes, insulated pipes and cable bundles. Can be used with the 3M™ Fire Barriers RC-1 Restricting Collar or with caulk in "in-hole" applications. Available in 24 - inch (609 mm) strips, one or two inches (25 or 50 cm) wide.

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    • One-part, intumescent elastomeric  strip with foil on one side.
    • Documented aging properties.

 3M™ Interam™ E-5 Series Mat

An endothermic protective wrap when exposed to high temperatures keeps heat out by releasing chemically bound water to cool the outer surface used to protect structural steel, cable trays and circuits in conduits.

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    • Provides up to three hours of electrical circuit protection.
    • Made of a combination of organic / inorganic materials Outdoor durable.